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Having born in a business class community to Kutchi parents in Bombay in 1979 I had a very unusual upbringing. With my father concentrating on his business (Kept his home functioning well) and my mother (Managing her duty well as homemaker) I was brought up in a cosmopolitan environment. My initial years of schooling were done in St. Joseph School, Malad. Thereafter (as I aspired to join the forces ) I was sent to a Military Hostel for 3 years (My father thought 3 months would be enough for me to comeback). Anyway these 3 years of my hostel life turned me into a new person.Gone were the days that I wanted to become a businessman ( in my father's footsteps). I soon got drawn towards the adventure side of life. Participating in almost all outdoor sports for my school including horse riding and living a passionate outdoor life ,I took to it as a fish would be to water. With constant encouragement from my parents, guidance from teachers and support from friends, I decided to never leave the adventurer in me. With each birthday passing, it conceived a creature who loved adventure. 

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What you experience with Touring Tours, is the outcome of working tirelessly on grass root level thereby giving you services at very competitive rates. We understand the challenges faced in actual scenarios as we have seen and felt it ourselves. To minimise it to the maximum, our services are unmatched with any other provider. Our team consists of tour managers, guides, mechanics, technicians, drivers, retired government tourism officers and other professionals from the trade. These qualities attribute towards a fair and worthy service for the fees we charge. It would indeed be a decision worth taken, if you give us a chance to serve you.

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What we offer

What we offer

Touring Tours is in the business of adventure tourism since 2012. What started as a hobby in travelling, soon turned into service oriented business. We specialise in providing end to end packages both for B2B and B2C. Our customised packages for one and all makes us stand tall and apart from other service providers.


What we offer

What we offer

What we offer

Guided Motorbike Tours

Self Drive Tours

Frozen River (Chadar trek)

Trekking and Camping

Paragliding and Rafting

Guided Bicycle Tours

Amateur Courses in Paragliding

White Water Rafting


How it works

What we offer

How it works

Choose the travel dates, your desired destination, mode of transport, number of people and send us this info and leave the rest to us 


Get in touch after choosing the packages offered by us with your fixed departure dates.